October 2, 2016 (Sunday)
17:30 - Registration (Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge, ground floor, near the Ballroom Hall)
18:00 - Welcome Party

October 3, 2016 (Monday)
9:00 - Registration (ground floor, Tango Hall)

10:00 Opening: Greetings Session chair:
  Prof. Vladimir Kutuzov, Rector, Chairman of the Conference
Prof. Markku Leskelä, Chairman of the International Advisory Board
Prof. Nikolay Egorov
10:20 INVITED: On the history of ALD and the VPHA project, Dr. Riikka Puurunen, VTT Research Centre, Finland   
10:50 INVITED: Progress in device from Molecular Layering to Atomic Layer Deposition worldwide technology, Prof. Victor Drozd, St. Petersburg State University, Russia  
11:30 Coffee break  
12:00 INVITED: Challenges, opportunities and new approaches in ALD process development, Dr. Mikko Ritala, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland Session chair: 
Prof. Markku Leskelä
12:30 INVITED: Recent Advances in ALD Technology, Dr. Emma Salmi, Beneq Oy, Finland  
13:00 Lunch break  
14:00 INVITED: Recent advances in plasma-enhanced ALD of nitrides, Prof. Erwin Kessels, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands Session chair:
Prof. Victor Drozd
14:30 INVITED: Deposition temperature induced conduction band changes in zinc tin oxide buffer layers for chalcogenide solar cells, Prof. Tobias Törndahl, Uppsala University, Sweden  
15:00 INVITED: Atomic layer deposition of insulating and metal layers for MIM-stacks in resistive switched and ferroelectric memory applications, Prof. Andrey Markeev, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia  
15:30 Coffee break  
16:00 INVITED: Monolayer deposition techniques developed for advanced nanoelectronic devices fabrication, Prof. Viktor Luchinin, St Petersburg Electrotechnical University ”LETI”, Russia Session chair:
Prof. Andrey Markeev
16:30 The first day closing  
17:30 Meeting in the lobby  
18:00 Dinner on the boat. Neva River Tour sponsored by Beneq  

October 4, 2016 (Tuesday)
8:45 - Registration (ground floor, Tango Hall)

Section A ALD Oral session Section B M&N Oral session
  Process development
Session chair:
Prof. Mikko Ritala 
9:15 Application of protective, biocompatible ALD coatings on polymer-containing components for medical devices 
Alexey Veselov
9:30 Atomic layer deposition of crystalline molybdenum oxide thin films
Miika Mattinen
9:45 Scalable Production of Nanostructured Particles by Atomic Layer Deposition 
Aris Goulas
10:00 Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt(II) Oxide Thin Films from a Silylamide Precursor
Tomi Iivonen
Reaction mechanisms
Session chair:
Dr. Emma Salmi  
Micro- and nanosystems, physics and technology
Session chair:
Dr. Konstantin Nikiforov
10:15 Simulating the ALD of Zinc Oxide using Quantum Chemistry
Timo Weckman
10:00 Field emission electron guns for millimeter wave devices 
Nikolay Egorov 
  Metals, nitrides, carbides     
10:30 High aspect ratio structures deposited by ALD for 3D applications
Alexey Veselov
10:20  Noise emission of current fluctuations
Lwin Naing Win
10:45 Nucleation and Aggregation of Nanoparticles during Atomic Layer Deposition on High-Surface-Area Substrates
Fabio Grillo
10:40  Forming to improve emission properties of cathodes based on carbon fiber
Zay Yar lwin
11:00 Coffee break    
11:30 Atomic layer deposition of metal carbides - the TiCl4/TMA process as an example
Mikko Kaipio


Session chair: Prof. Erwin Kessels
Multilevel switching effects in Pt/TiO2/Al2O3/Pt bilayers structures fabricated by ALD method
Liudmila Alekseeva


Session chair: Prof. Nikolay Egorov
Phenomena of pulsed high-power electron emission from graphene-like structures stimulated by electric field
Georgy Fursey
12:00 Growing c-axis oriented aluminum nitride films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition at low temperatures
Vitaly Tarala
12:00 Experimental study behaviour of low threshold field emission from graphene-like structures
Georgy Fursey
Energy applications 
12:20 Software tools for profile analysis of multi-layered systems by using the elastic peak electron spectroscopy
Olga Ridzel
12:15 Engineering nanoporous iron(III) oxide into an effective water oxidation electrode
Sandra Haschke
12:40 Computer Simulations for the Alanine Peptides Dipole Moment  Investigation
Tatiana Zezina
12:30 Copper(I) iodide thin films by atomic layer deposition and vapour conversion
Georgi Popov
12:45 Atomic Layer Deposition of Lithium Titanate on 3D-Structured 200 mm Silicon Substrates
Sascha Boenhardt
13:00 Lunch break    
Session chair:
Prof. Tobias Törndahl
Session chair: Dr. Tatiana Andreeva
14:15 Atomic Layer Deposition of Electroactive Ag doped V2O5 Layers for Energy Storage Applications
Igor Kazadojev
14:00 Development of power supply for light source field
Nyein Chan Kyaw
14:30 Influence of ALD temperature on thin film conformality: investigation with microscopic lateral high-aspect-ratio structures
Riikka Puurunen
14:20 The development of field emission cathodes by pressing pyrolytic graphite with a triple carbonate
Ivan Fedorov
14:45 Behavior of mixed Ta2O5 and ZrO2 films
Kaupo Kukli
14:40 Modeling of fluctuations for the field electron emission current density
Andrei Antonov
15:00 Сharacterization of non-stoichiometric silicon nitride PECVD/ALD films for micro-detectors of IR imager аrrаy
Grigory Rudakov
15:15 Coffee break    
15:30 Poster session      (poster format A0, 841 mm x 1189 mm)
 A-1 Planarization of the surface of composition "nanoporous silicon dioxide – titanium dioxide" by atomic-molecular chemical assembly
Mikhail Panov
 B-1 Premises of occurrence of badly-conditioned systems with variative input data
Ivanova Klara
 A-2 Thin film growth an interfaces studies of aluminum oxide on SiC-on-Si
Ana Cristina Silva
 B-2 Improving emission picture of polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber based field effect cathodes
Anton Pavlenko
 A-3 Plasma ALD of SiO2, NiO and HfO2 on the FlexAL system: Modifying Flow, Pressure and Plasma Parameters
Kurek Agnieszka
 B-3 Interaction of inner surface of substituted fullerenes and nanotubes with hydrogen atoms
Marina Bedrina
 A-4 From a technician's perspective: The use of in-situ analysis techniques for running proper ALD-processes
Cristian van Helvoirt
 B-4 Modelling the interactions of liquid crystal molecules with dyes
Tatiana Andreeva
 A-5 Atomic Layer Deposition of tin oxide nanofilms using tetraethyltin
Denis Nazarov
 B-5 Active centers in thin films of organic semiconductors
Marina Bedrina
 A-6 Nanotailoring ZnO:X (X = Al, B) Films by Atomic Layer Deposition
Erwin Kessels
 B-6 On the splitting method for the numerical solution of Boltzmann and lattice Boltzmann equations for gas flows in microsystems
Elena Marnopolskaya
 A-7 Genesis of ZnO nanolayers grown by ALD in micro channel plates
Victor Drozd
 B-7 Evaluation of the quality of the dielectric spectroscopy data
Andrey Karpov
 A-8 The holistic method of the surface structure characterization
George Rytikov
 B-8 I–V curve investigation with regression methods
Andrei Antonov
 A-9 Active centers in thin films of organic semiconductors
Marina Bedrina
 B-9 The sharp-edged field cathode mathematical modeling
Ekaterina Vinogradova
 A-10 Measuring the thickness of ALD-fabricated thin films by small-angle X-ray scattering
Konstantin Nishchev
 B-10 Protective coatings for tip field emitters operating at high voltages
Tatiana Tumareva



Multilayer nano-structured field emitters for formation of high density electron beams in minituarized devices
Vyacheslav Sezonov

Field emission source ultraviolet radiation emission cathodes from carbon material
Myo Maung Maung
16:30 Closing     


Preliminary BALD 2016 Conference Programme for October 3-4 is here