Abstract Submission

Abstract submission deadline is July 08, 2016.

To submit your abstract:

  1. Register online 
  2. Go to the "Submit abstract" and fill in the information required, choose the section and upload your abstract.

    To check your submission:
    After you finished downloading your abstract check your submission:
    1. Log in to your personal page once again
    2. Go to Abstract Submission section and check My papers.

Notification of acceptance will be sent to all authors after July 22, 2016.

Abstract Requirements

  • Abstract must be written in English (UK).
  • Abstract must be saved as a MS Word and PDF file. 
  • Abstract must not exceed 1 (one) A4 page including the header, output data of the authors and references.
  • Paper format: standard A4. Margins (top and bottom, left and right) 2.5cm. The title should be centered and printed at 14pt bold, Arial.
  • The text should be justified and printed at 12pt, Arial. Line space: single space. Do not include page headers and footers.

Abstracts must include following additional information:

  • Author's first name and last name
  • Organisation
  • Address, Country
  • Author’s e-mail