Beneq is a leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment and thin film coating services, and world’s premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays.

Beneq thin film solutions improve the performance and durability of electronics, optics and sensitive materials, and protect from humidity, corrosion and tarnishing. Beneq ALD coatings are extremely thin, pinhole-free and totally conformal. They enable longer product life cycles and wiser use of raw materials.

The Beneq factory is where atomic layer deposition was applied in industrial production for the first time. Over 30 years of thin film experience is at your service.

SVCS provides solutions for nanoscience technologies in the area of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) for both mass production and/or for demanding R&D or pilot project applications. The tools such as LPCVD, PECVD and ALD equipment can be used for process development and materials growth in many areas including semiconductor, PV, MEMS/NEMS and other nanotechnology applications. The supporting equipment starts from gas cabinets with optional automatic change-over function for uninterrupted gas delivery, followed by gas panels for inert or purging gases. The other end of the R&D process is the exhaust media abatement systems (scrubbers). All the tools – process tool, gas cabinet and scrubber can be controlled by the same family control system making unique mesh for complex data acquisition and process control.

SVCS has a long-term partnership with companies such as ISAC Research (co-production of ALD tools), SAES Pure Gas (purification systems), RASIRC (gas/vapor delivery systems), Nor-Cal (vacuum chambers and components) and others.


We invite you to take part in the exhibition which is planned in the framework of the 14th International Baltic Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition.

The participation cost is 750 EUR, this includes:
• standard exhibition space (4-5 sq.m, table, 2 chairs, socket),
• logo and short information about company on Conference web-page, section “Exhibiton”,
• the participation of one delegate in all conference events,
• the participant kit.

Additional equipment is available upon request.
For more information, please contact Ekaterina Livshits This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.