Publication in IEEE Xplore

Authors of accepted abstracts are encouraged (it is non obligatory) to submit full papers for publication in IEEE Xplore.


It is common in technical publishing for material to be presented at various stages of its evolution. Organizing committee would like to fully support this publishing paradigm and to encourage participants to evolutionary publication process, recognized as a significant means of scientific communication. Early ideas and more developed work were published in abstracts and then fully developed contributions as selected full text articles have to be published in IEEE Xplore.

Please note that completing and submitting the copyright form, as well as ensuring that the format of your full paper complies with IEEE requirements, are mandatory in order for your paper to be published in IEEE Xplore. Therefore, please follow the instructions given on this page carefully, and strictly adhere to all aspects of the provided template. Full papers not complying with IEEE requirements or those with missing or incomplete copyright forms, will be rejected by IEEE and not appear in the conference proceedings on IEEE Xplore.


Authors of abstracts accepted for either oral or poster presentation are encouraged to submit a full paper (2-6 pages) by 15 October 2016 in order for their paper to be included in the IEEE conference publication. These full papers will be subsequently published as the conference proceedings through IEEE Xplore.

In order to submit your full paper, please follow these steps:

1. Complete, sign and date the IEEE copyright form (attached) for your paper (one form per paper, not per author) and save it as a PDF document. Make sure all the fields (paper title, authors list, etc) are complete. Put Authorized Signature in field (1) or sign field (2) U.S. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE CERTIFICATION (WHERE APPLICABLE) or sign field (3) CROWN COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATION (WHERE APPLICABLE).

2. Use the provided template (A4-sized paper Microsoft Word 2003 or LaTeX Archive with bare_conf.tex file)
to prepare your full paper of 2-6 pages.

Authors are encouraged to correct all content, spelling, and grammatical errors in papers before sending. Papers will be reviewed according to criteria set by the IEEE and must meet IEEE standards for both technical content and written English.

IEEE Citation Reference 

IEEE Conference Paper Review Form 

IEEE Paper Acceptance Criteria   

3. All conference publication materials (doc and pdf for Microsoft Word 2003 template, or full LaTeX ZIP Archive including pdf, dvi and supported image files) is to be sent no later than October 15, 2016 (Moscow Time, 23.59) to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Along with this material, the IEEE Copyright Form (scanned pdf document of 2 pages) for each submitted paper must be attached to the same e-mail letter. Please inform us about paper in which all authors are employed by the European Unionto to state the copyright notice ©2016 European Union.


The Conference Publication Program (IEEE CPP) assures wide distribution of conference proceedings by providing abstracting and indexing of all individual conference papers for inclusion in worldwide databases. The CPP makes every reasonable attempt to ensure that abstracts and index entries of content accepted into the program are included in databases provided by independent abstracting and indexing (A&I) services. Each A&I partner makes its own editorial decision on what content it will index. IEEE cannot guarantee entries are included in any particular database.